Door 2 Door Taxis is an honest, reliable taxi service serving Chesterfield, Mansfield and the surrounding areas. With the manager having 25 years experience in the taxi business and being directly involved with running the company as well as being a driver, we can guarantee that you are in good hands.

We believe that being reliable and friendly is the key to success in this business sector, which is why we interact with customers as much as possible and try to provide the best service we can. We have proven to be a fast-growing taxi firm in Chesterfield, by building trust with our customers and gaining repeated custom. Door 2 Door Taxis hope to be the go-to taxi company for Chesterfield, Mansfield and South Yorkshire.



Our staff are always friendly and happy to help, whether it be our drivers or office staff. We ensure that we stick to timing as much as possible and always try to arrive at each and every customer on time.

We care about each of our customers and try to meet each ones individual needs. We will do local airport transfers for anyone needing to depart for a holiday as well as providing wheelchair accessible taxis.



The vehicles we use are all in immaculate condition, are well maintained and are regularly serviced. This is because we want to give our company a good reputation, and we know that cleanliness is something customers look for when choosing a taxi company, especially if they are to use them on a regular basis.



We are very price competitive, as we know the main thing customers look for when choosing a taxi to book is how much they charge compared to their competitors. By keeping our prices as low as possible, customers are more encouraged to use our services due to our reputation of being reliable.



At Door 2 Door Taxis, we excel from our competitors by incorporating the latest technology to make our service as efficient as possible and run smoothly. For example, we use the latest data despatch technology with tracking system and sat-nav which includes text back when the job is dispatched as well as on arrival, with the driver’s name as the vehicle. This ensures that customers never have to wait outside for their taxi to arrive, especially important when picking customers up at night or alone, as they get a text when their taxi arrives. This also ensures that we run on a schedule because it prevents us from having to wait for customers.



Our central office location on Knifesmithgate enables us to be accessible to many people, and also means that we are easily able to pick customers up from surrounding areas using the fastest routes.

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Our phones are answered 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Don't hesitate to give our friendly staff A Call and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

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