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5 Things Customers Want Most From a Taxi Service

Here at Door 2 Door Taxis Ltd, we understand the importance of a reliable, high quality Chesterfield taxi service for all our customers. We pride ourselves on being a friendly, approachable and price competitive taxi service, rapidly building a strong reputation amongst the areas we cover.

We understand that people rely heavily on taxis for a variety of reasons, including getting to work, to the airport and simply getting home safely. So we know there is no excuse for running late!

Taxis are a convenient way to get from A to B, being much quicker than public transport such as buses, trains and trams. However, it is easy for a taxi service to become known for being unreliable and late – which is why here at Door 2 Door Taxis we always aim to be the best of the bunch.

So how do we do it?

As with all good businesses, keeping customers happy is the most important factor to ensuring a satisfactory and reliable service.

Here is a list of what we believe are the 5 main things that customers want from a taxi service:


  1. Being on time and reliable.

On Time Taxi ServiceYou will note that most customers are normally on a time scale. This means that a taxi service should be on time all the time. Once we have been hired by a customer and a pick-up time has been given, we do our best not to delay.

Customers expect a taxi to arrive on time and transport them to their desired destination promptly. It is likely that customers will become frustrated if their taxi arrives more than 2 minutes late- so get there on time! We ensure we are quick to respond to our customers in order to please them, which is why we are deemed a reliable taxi company.

We know from experience that sometimes circumstances can mean it simply isn’t possible to arrive on time, for example if there is a lot of traffic, a road closure, or road works, for example. However effective communication should mean that customers are made aware in this situation.

Late arrivals should be kept at a minimum, with targets being set and monitored regularly. These targets should be one of the most important metrics for a taxi service.

It is important that our drivers are kept informed on their performance and how it could be improved. Suggestions for improvements could come from customer reviews and comments as well as the drivers’ own personal targets.

  1. Polite and helpful board of staff

Customer service is very important when running a taxi, which is why at Door 2 Door Taxis we only employ staff we know are going to provide a quality service for our customers. We also ensure that our staff can effectively communicate with one another in order to ensure our service runs as smoothly as possible.

We hope that by giving our customers the best service possible, we can encourage repeat business as well as referrals to friends and family and good reviews.

  1. Clean and decent cars and buses.

A clean car or mini-bus will always be the first thing after arrival time that a customer notices about a taxi service. Customers will form that perception (rightly or wrongly) that if the company cares about their cars they care about their customers.

It is important that regular, unscheduled checks are made to ensure that all cars are kept in pristine condition and are suitable for customers. The driver should ensure that the vehicle is clean after dropping off a customer, and before picking up the next. This ensures that customers have a positive perception of our business.

All vehicles should be serviced on time also. This can help to ensure that our vehicles stay in a good condition all the time. If the car seems unsafe in anyway, including warning lights on the dashboard, rattles or smoke from the exhaust, these things can discourage people from hiring our service, so in this scenario we would get the vehicle checked over by a mechanic as soon as possible.

  1. Competitive on the price.

There are many taxi services out there, which is why it is extremely important for us that we are competitive on price. If a customer can get the same journey for cheaper, they will probably opt for an alternative.

We know that one of the main factors a customer looks for when choosing a taxi service is price, which is why we do our upmost to provide the best service for the lowest price. Of course, we have to consider our overheads when setting a price, in that we still need to be making a profit as well as being cheaper than competitors.

Prices need to be stuck to wherever possible, customers are not going to be happy if one price is given over the phone and they end up being charged more due to miscommunication between staff. This looks unprofessional and will not give your business a good reputation. For this reason, at Door 2 Door Taxis we have effective communication system so the price you are quoted is the price you pay.

Taxi Service

  1. Friendly drivers with local knowledge.

Some of the people who use taxi services are strangers to the area. This is why we ensure that our drivers are familiar with the immediate area we serve, as well as surrounding areas wherever possible. Not all customers will be able to give directions to their desired destination, which emphasises the importance of knowledgeable drivers.

Having friendly staff is something we pride ourselves on greatly as we know this is the key to getting repeat business and recommendations. We encourage drivers to talk to clients wherever it is welcomed in order to create a more comfortable and familiar environment.

So there we have it, the 5 most important things we stick to when running our taxi service at Door 2 Door Taxis Ltd. We believe in providing our customers with the best possible experience, including being on time and friendly, in order to encourage them to use our service again and recommend us to others. We also believe that price is hugely important, and once a price has been given, it should not be contradicted by another staff member, unless the route changes in some way.

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